"Impeccable Taste"

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“The prospect of designing and building our vacation/retirement home on Vancouver Island, while living in Calgary, was daunting. Choosing Paul Dabbs as our general contractor has been a great decision!

Paul has been involved in our project since we purchased the lot. We really appreciate Paul’s ability to listen to our “dreams” and then translate the intangible into something tangible. He worked with our home designer to create a plan that met all of our needs and most of our desires within our very limited budget for a second home. 

Our lender was quite demanding in their requirements prior to financing, and Paul went above and beyond to help us jump through their hoops.

Since we broke ground in the late summer of 2012, our project has gone very smoothly. We are now past the 50% completion mark, and because of Paul, we are on time and under budget. Most of this is due to Paul’s excellent logistical skills. He never wastes time or resources. He is a skilled negotiator and very creative, resulting in significant savings in many line items of our construction budget. This has allowed us to upgrade areas of our home, in spite of a fixed budget.

Paul is a man of strong ethics – we trust him implicitly to look after our interests. Over and over he has passed great savings on to us – savings we wouldn’t have known about that he could easily have pocketed for his personal gain.

Paul is also very personable, easy to work with, and a great communicator. He keeps in touch with us every few days by phone and email, sending photos and walking us through progress. We never feel out of the loop, even though we have only visited the site once since construction began.

The feedback we have received from people involved in our project has all been positive. Paul has built good relationships with our future neighbours. Our landscape designers said they have never seen a builder who took such care in ensuring a lot had proper drainage. The framer told us it is a pleasure to work for someone who appreciates quality workmanship. Paul genuinely cares about the people he hires; bringing them coffee on cold, wet days or arranging for prompt payment for work they have completed.

Unlike some builders, Paul won’t rush the building process to complete a house in a few months. He believes in letting wood dry properly. He doesn’t cut corners or skimp on crucial components of a house. He researches products that he recommends and doesn’t just assume that new ways are better ways. For instance, he understands that houses shouldn’t be so airtight they can’t breathe. We are confident our Paul Dabbs Custom Home won’t be plagued by mold and other moisture issues prevalent in so much of today’s construction.

We are extremely picky about workmanship, and so far Paul has shown himself to be even more demanding about quality than we are. He has impeccable taste, and although our home is modest compared to other Paul Dabbs Custom Homes, it doesn’t look like a cheap adaptation. Our new home has character and style; it’s exactly what we were hoping for.

We would encourage anyone looking for a builder to seriously consider Paul Dabbs Custom Homes. We recommend Paul Dabbs highly. Paul can give you our contact information - please feel free to call us if you have any questions.”


Ron & Natasha F.
Calgary, AB

Roland van den Hout